Monday, November 18, 2013

Bad Luck Monday

Ever have a "case of the Monday's"? While this has not been one of the worse Monday's in the history of my life, it's not been the easiest. But compared to some other people who I know are having some really really bad luck Monday's - I feel lucky.

This morning after dropping Lucas off for the bus (Shelby stayed home sick) - I came back home and right after I got out of the car and starting walking up to our carport - down I went into the mud. Just got a little mud on my knees and hands but it was one of those moments where you get up and look around to see if anyone saw what just happened. And then you post on Facebook to ask all of your neighbors if they saw lol.

I have also had to scrub out the dryer from a red crayon. Oops, should have double checked last night when I found 2 crayons in the washer. Guess where there's 2 crayons there is bound to be a 3rd transferred with the wet clothes into the dryer. So I re-washed the clothes and went up to the Dollar General to buy some Mr. Clean Dry Erasers to scrub down the dryer.

So we're off for Spaghetti Tuesday tomorrow hoping better luck will find us then. 

Minions exercising

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  1. I've accidentally put crayons in the dryer too. Not fun at all.